utilihive heartbeat

Utilihive Heartbeat is the monitoring and management console of Utilihive. It’s built-in big data log analytics infrastructure and role-based management dashboard provides capabilities to monitor data flows and integrations end-to-end and to manage the lifecycle of all data (Dataops).

Utilihive Heartbeat is targeting personnel working at the intersection between utilities’ business operations and IT operations.

Utilihive Heartbeat is multi-tenant and restricts access to log data, information or functionality based on users’ roles and organizational affiliation.


Core capabilities

Utilihive Heartbeat provides a role-based user interface to:

  • Monitor integrations, data flows or APIs
  • Search and query log data and messages
  • Identify issues or problems with integrations, data flows or APIs
  • Manage and configure the behavior of APIs, integrations and data flows (i.e. retry policy, logging policy, error handling strategy, message exchange patterns, etc.)
  • Document and test exposed APIs
  • Manage organizations, roles and users

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Distributed data lake architecture for secure storage and real-time data exchange between the OT/IT domains.



Emulate interfaces and APIs from Headend Systems and simulate meter readings, alarms or events.



Real-time and historical visibility into the low-voltage-, mid-voltage or AMI network. Display alarms, events and meter readings.

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