utilihive monami

Utilihive MonAMI is an energy data web application using the Utilihive EnergyDataServices API to create real-time visibility into the low-voltage-, mid-voltage or AMI network.

Utilihive MonAMI displays alarms, events and meter readings from any smart sensor or metering system with different channels both live (real-time) and historical. Its built-in tools provide capabilities to simplify analysis including aggregations, comparisons and statistical analytics.

Utilihive MonAMI helps utilities turn AMI into a truly multifunctional network, capable of providing greater functionality beyond traditional metering.


Core capabilities

Gain instant visibility into the low voltage mesh and underground network without expensive application requirements allowing you to:

  • Graphically identify network problems faster
  • Increase reliability scores and customer satisfaction
  • Produce and share insights instantly across the organization
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Access greater smart grid functions beyond traditional metering

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smoc Laptop cut3


Centralized Smart Meter Operations Center for smart infrastructure monitoring and management.



Emulate interfaces and APIs from Headend Systems and simulate meter readings, alarms and events.



Pre-integrated big data log analyzer and DataOps tool for end-to-end monitoring of all data and data integration flows.

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