utilihive adr

Utilihive ADR is a centralized asset data repository that provides a holistic, unified, and harmonized view on all assets and their status. Utilihive ADR connects to utilities’ Systems-of-Records (SoR) as well as to their metering and sensor systems to listen to any changes on asset data and asset status information. 

Changes are verified and validated before stored and structured in the asset data repository in Utilihive ADR and creates a centralized catalog for all asset data and all asset information for the entire utility.




Utilities and partners that implement Utilihive ADR can improve all aspects of their business and benefit from:

  • Centralized asset data repository with always correct and updated information to improve grid services and optimize asset operations
  • Asset data synchronization across all systems to improve data quality
  • Preconfigured connectivity and integrations to utilities’ Systems-of-Record (SoR) that handle asset data, metering and sensor systems to reduce costs for data integration and synchronizing of data across interconnected systems
  • CIM inspired data model harmonizing asset information from different SoRs and data source to increase data quality
  • Uniform, modern, and managed APIs to simplify access to asset information and to speed up delivery of analytics driven services

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VEE cut


Validation, Estimation and Editing for time series data and multi-utility meter-to-cash value  chain.

smoc Laptop cut3


Centralized Smart Meter Operations Center for smart infrastructure monitoring and management.



Pre-integrated big data log analyzer and DataOps tool for end-to-end monitoring of all data and data integration flows.

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