utilihive datalake

Utilihive Datalake is a big data storage and analytics solution that integrates seamlessly with the energy sector, enabling utilities to deliver data-driven solutions and innovate energy services.

Utilihive Datalake provides a centralized data repository that focus on handling these domain specific entities:

  • Master data - complete history of assets and business entities
  • Readings - time series data from end devices such as meters
  • Events - representing alerts and notifications

In addition, Utilihive Datalake can store and index arbitrary files, and maintains structural metadata over all data objects.


key benefits

  • Utilihive Datalake helps utilities to transition into the data economy and implement data-driven operations and decision-making. Designed specifically for the energy sector, Utilihive Datalake provides out-of-the-box features for any utility that wants to access and leverage their data and build new solutions on top of it.
  • Utilihive Datalake utilizes a modern technology stack to integrate seamlessly with different environments, with support across multiple cloud providers and storage backends, and with integration towards common data visualization and reporting tools.
  • A multitude of standardized interfaces is included, allowing operators and developers to interact with the data at just the right level of abstraction and privilege.

Core capabilities

Main capabilities of Utilihive Datalake are summarized below:

  • Distributed data lake with pre-processed data buckets for energy and utility usage scenarios (data mesh)
  • Operational data lake optimised for high transactional data access
  • Analytical data lake optimised for complex queries
  • CIM inspired data model
  • Managed and secured data services API
  • Store and index raw data at scale for a low cost
  • Powerful ETL and batch processing
  • Flexible schema for inbound data objects - records are linked and structured upon time of use (schema-on-read)
  • Highly configurable storage tiers and backends
  • Classical data warehouse capabilities for selected entities relevant to utilities
  • Cloud native and cloud agnostic

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Centralized data repository providing a holistic, unified, and harmonized view of all assets and their status.

VEE cut


Validation, Estimation and Editing for time series data and multi-utility meter-to-cash value  chain.

M3 laptop


Market messaging module for integrating, exchanging and operating various market messages. 

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