Utilihive is a cloud-native big data integration platform, purpose-built for the digital data-driven utility, offered as a managed service (iPaaS).

Utilihive provides both the technical infrastructure platform (connectivity, integration, data ingestion, data lake, API management) and pre-configured integration content or accelerators (connectors, data flows, orchestrations, utility data model, energy data services, monitoring and reporting dashboards) to speed up the delivery of innovative data driven services and simplify operations.

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core Integration Capabilities 

  • Connectivity with support for commonly used standards such as REST, SOAP, https, (s)ftp, JMS, JDBC, Apache Kafka, mqtt and many others
  • Cloud connectivity with support for widely used cloud services such as Azure IoTHub, Google Pub/Sub, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3, Redshift and many others
  • System connectivity with support for utility applications such as Meter Data Collection or Head End System (HES, MDC), Meter Data Management (MDM), Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) and CRM, Geospatial Information System (GIS), SCADA, Distribution Management System (DMS), Asset Management (AM), Workorder Management (WOMS) or Field Service System and many others.
  • Data validation, transformation, formatting and mappings
  • Reliable message handling and routing
  • Data flow and integration process orchestration
  • Data and Message Storage for event sourcing or message replaying
  • Integrated API Gateway 
  • DataOps with end-2-end monitoring and management of all integration artefacts (Utilihive Heartbeat)
  • (F)Lowcode DSL to configure and model integration logic
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) to deliver custom integration artefacts
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Designed for MIssion-Critical Integrations

Utilihive is designed and built for mission-critical utility processes and systems, empowering:

  • Smart Billing and Smart Metering Solutions
  • Smart Grid Services and Intelligent Grid Operations
  • Asset Health and Predictive Asset Management
  • Energy Efficiency and Smart Energy Services
  • OT/IT Integration Scenarios
  • DER Integration and DER Management
  • e-Mobility Services
  • Customer Engagement and Lifestyle Services

Built on Cloud Native Technology For Hybrid Integration Deployments

Utilihive is built on modern cloud native technologies and can be operated in a public cloud services, private cloud service or on premise. Utilihive - with its containerized architecture - can be operated in hybrid deployment scenarios too.

Integration and Big Energy Data Management

Utilihive provides both, technical big data integration infrastructure supporting the Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) and pre-configured integration content or accelerators for utilities. Utilihive incorporates integration / iPaaS capabilities with big data management (data lake) capabilities in one unified platform.

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Accelerators and "Value Add" Applications

In addition, Utilihive offers "value add" applications such as:

  • Utilihive Ghostwriter - AMI Simulations
  • Utilihive Datalake - distributed data lake optimized for energy use cases
  • Utilihive MonAMI - Transparency in the Low Voltage Network
  • Utilihive SMOC - Smart Meter Operations Center
  • Utilihive ADR - Harmonized Asset Data Repository 
  • Utilihive Regional Data Hub Connector

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Centralized Smart Meter Operations Center for smart infrastructure monitoring and management.



Pre-integrated big data log analyzer and DataOps tool for end-to-end monitoring of all data and data integration flows.



Distributed data lake architecture for secure storage and real-time data exchange between the OT/IT domains.

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