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If you send many message between suppliers and customers, your systems must be integrated and communicate well across organizations and according to local market rules. Utilihive M3 is a market messaging module that provides the market communications framework to fulfill the obligations of energy suppliers, network operators and other relevant parties involved in the end-to-end management of the smart metering infrastructure.

Energy suppliers, DSOs or metering companies are responsible for installing smart meters. M3 unifies and manages the digital exchange of messages to the various market participants according to local market rules in relation to smart meter installation appointment setting, customer switching, disconnection, and other market communications.

M3 constantly monitors the status and activities of message exchanges. Now you can be sure that critical messages arrive, errors or delays are visible. Good for those that need a real-time view and traceability of messages and KPIs.

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Core capabilities

Utilihive M3 is designed to receive and manage various market communications. It includes a validation and business rules application which is configured to fulfill regional market communication requirements and tracks and monitors specific KPI measurements.

M3 utilizes the integration capabilities of the Utilihive platform, with market-specific configurations and process flows that communicate in an event-driven architecture to the various systems including CRM, data transfer networks (DTN), meter data retrieval services (MDR) and data integration platforms (DIP) to manage the end-to-end message and communication process.

M3 is unmatched when it comes to speed and performance. It can process millions of messages in just minutes. Recent tests revealed that M3 can process more than 33 thousand messages per second for close to 12 million metering points and 600 million meter readings that were processed in under 6 minutes.

M3 offers an easy-to-use dashboard that highlights the total number of messages received, accepted, and rejected including the lapsed time of all messages processed. It also visualizes proposed and confirmed appointments made to ensure follow-ups and appointment setting is managed with agreed KPIs.

From the dashboard users can drill down into specific metering points for more detailed information and end-to-end traceability.

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Validation, Estimation and Editing for time series data and multi-utility meter-to-cash value chain. 

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Real-time and historical visibility into the low-voltage-, mid-voltage or AMI network. Display alarms, events and meter readings.

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Cloud-native big data integration platform, purpose-built for the digital data-driven utility, offered as a managed service.

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